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"Sling and dance is to exercise as Disneyland is to fun! My legs and stomach burned from the workout and my face was sore from laughing with my baby--literally! A great time to bond with my baby and other moms with little ones - we were going through the same experiences and we got in shape as well. It's a win-win!"

              -Victoria Wayne Bowley


"My son George and I are HUGE fans of Sling and Dance. Not only has my body bounced back into shape, but the connection I have with my son after class is incredible.  The whole rest of the day George is happy and excited to see me.  He doesn't fuss when I have to put him in the play pen while I do household chores. I think George can tell, mommy is having a good time in class and he's having a good time and we seriously just bond.  I've tried slinging and vacuuming and it's just not the same!  My son loves the instructor Jenn 
and he even copies her moves. He'll clap when we're clapping in the routine.I am not looking forward to my little guy outgrowing the sling...sadly it'll be here soon. The 23lb chunker makes me sweat like no other in class and you've gotta love that burn!!"

                        - Briana Grasso


"Alexander and I love Sling and Dance! I get to bond with him and exercise at the same time. Perfect for moms with little ones--so much fun!!"

                    - Sandra Clark